Paula Polhill

Psychologist and ACT therapist including couples counselling

BSC (Hons) Applied Psychology. Masters of Counselling Psychology

Availability: Mondays 10:00am – 6:30pm

Paula is a registered Psychologist with over 13 years experience working with individuals and couples in both private and public sectors. Paula is skilled at treating a broad range of psychological and behavioural issues for Clients of all ages. Paula integrates a range of evidence based clinical tools to suit her Client’s specific needs. Paula is also passionate about Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and helping individuals and couples create a sense of hope, vitality and purpose, despite life’s many shifting and sometimes relentless challenges.

Paula particularly enjoys working with individuals suffering anxiety. Paula feels rewarded witnessing how Clients, in a short space of time, can totally change their relationship with their anxiety, so it no longer controls or defines their life.

Paula’s work career includes infertility counselling for IVF Australia, whereby she’s helped many couples and individuals deal with the complexities of infertility issues and its implications, including donor and recipient processes.

Paula enjoys facilitating groups, having designed and implementing her own group protocols in the private sector and for the general public. Paula is passionate about sharing and educating individuals about the empowering nature of Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

Kym Cranstoun - Brisbane Accredited Social Worker

Paula is also a skilled Marriage Counsellor who understands the many factors that contribute to relationship strain and breakdown. “Paula’s expertise, practical strategies, empathy and non-judgmental guidance put so many things back into perspective and as a result we gained closure on the very things that drove us apart. Thank you Paula for putting our lives back together. It was a tough process but worth every minute of the journey” (Kerry & Stephen).

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