Connection Beyond the Day-to-Day: An Interview with Jane Baccinelli

Tell us about yourself: 

I’m a friendly sort of person, I like people and I like having fun. I have been interested in psychology, wellbeing, spirituality, animal welfare, making things, beautiful things and natural things for as long as I can remember.  Whilst I like being with people, I also like my time alone. 

What can clients expect from you on their first appointment? 

A warm welcome and my full attention.

Why did you choose a profession in psychology?

After ten years in the nursing profession, I decided to commence a career in psychology so I could learn to attend to people’s emotional health. This decision set in motion an extremely rewarding, and sometimes arduous, journey of personal and professional development, deepening with each subject completed, every workshop I attended, every job I worked and each person I met along the way. And the journey continues! Still learning and growing every day.

Do you have any areas of special interest that get you excited?

I get excited about the possibilities for anyone who is suffering and wants to do something about it enough to seek out professional help. 

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t working? What are you passionate about?

Spending time with my kids, playing games, listening to them, jumping on the trampoline…and walking alone along beaches or in forests. I love dancing and music and reading and peace and quiet and camping with friends and movies that make me laugh…and am still watching Seinfeld reruns after all these years!

What do you find the most rewarding part of your job?

Human connection beyond the day-to-day encounters with people.

What surprising lessons have you learned through your work?

Change/healing/a better life can happen really quickly if people are in touch with their inner resources. There is such a wellspring of experience and knowledge within us all if we have the skills to access it. 

We’re super proud to have Jane joining our team! If you’d like to learn more about Jane and her areas of expertise check out her website and Brisbane ACT Centre profile. Book an appointment with Jane today!

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