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Dr. Rob Purssey

Psychiatrist, Director Brisbane ACT Centre

Specialities: Pharmacotherapy, chronic and severe conditions, adolescents, adults, anxiety/depression, work related stress, complex clients, perinatal, pain, substances

Tomas Tapper

Performance & General Psychologist

Specialities: Depression, anxiety, sport and exercise, performance enhancement, motivation, communication skills and conflict management, stress, resilience, confidence and self esteem, energy and time management, family systems.

Georgia Watkins-Allen

Clinical Psychologist

Specialities: Depression, anxiety, social concerns, phobic issues, OCD, trauma, PTSD, ADHD Autism/Aspergers spectrum, bipolar, schizophrenia, psychosis, relationships, life transitions, grief and loss, adolescents developmental concerns.

Tunteeya Yamaoka


Specialities: ADHD, addiction, adolescents, adjustment disorder, anxiety (OCD, phobias, panic disorder, social anxiety), child psychology, cross-cultural psychology, depression, identity, LGBTQIA, relationships (couples therapy), trauma and weight loss.

Jeremy Villanueva


Specialities: Depression, anxiety, stress, chronic pain, injury rehabilitation, sport and exercise, grief and loss, self-harm, anger, adolescents, autism, sleep difficulties.

Peter Gillogley


Specialties: Depression, anxiety, stress, trauma, self-esteem, work stress and life adjustments, drug and alcohol dependency, grief and loss, life coaching, relationship difficulties, work stress, sleep difficulties, and psychosis.

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