Home Visiting Service by Brisbane ACT Centre's Accredited Mental Health Occupational Therapist (MHOT)

By Claire Welshe
The barriers to accessing mental health care are many and varied and the Brisbane ACT Centre Is committed to breaking them down.

Sometimes people are restricted from accessing timely and appropriate mental health intervention due to the very reason that they may need it.  There may be anxiety associated with using public transport, feelings of depression leading to difficulties leaving home, fear of travelling to unfamiliar locations or perhaps physical barriers, such as impaired mobility or poor general health that restricts access to much needed mental health care.   In these kinds of scenarios, a caring, experienced Accredited Mental Health Occupational Therapist (MHOT) can visit you at home, including residential facilities, to provide ACT based occupational therapy with a focus on developing the skills needed to maximise functional potential, that is, to help you get the most out of life.

An Accredited Mental Health Occupational Therapist can also provide an assessment of living skills within the context of a person’s home and/or community, to more accurately assess and provide professional advice regarding how to more independently perform activities of daily living, such as shopping, cooking, cleaning, childcare or community access that may be adversely affected by a mental health condition. Examples may include anxiety associated with accessing shopping centres, difficulty organising time, or lack of motivation to attend to daily living tasks due to symptoms of depression.  Intervention is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to enable the development of psychological flexibility skills to help you overcome these barriers and start living a more fulfilling and enriched life.

If accessing the Brisbane ACT Centre clinic in Milton is a barrier for you or your patients, please contact reception today on (07) 31931072 to make an appointment with Claire Welshe, a home visiting Mental Health Accredited Occupational Therapist.

Claire Welshe

Claire Welshe

Mental Health Occupational Therapist & ACT therapist

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