Bernadette Devenish


Clinical Psychologist

BSci(Hons); MPsych(Clinical); MAPS

Availability:  Mondays, 8:00am-5pm, monthly  Online sessions available or face to face appointments by arrangement. Please contact Bernadette directly here.

Bernadette is the director of the CAMA psychology group with a wealth of experience working as a psychologist. Prior to psychology Bernadette worked extensively in nursing, primarily in rural and remote Australia, which gave her an intimate knowledge of rural issues and of the challenges we face building an optimal health and life balance.

This background working in health allows Bernadette to embrace the whole person. Bernadette holds a combination of up to date medical and clinical psychology qualifications which facilitates a unique approach to psychological support and lifetime change.

An in depth knowledge of the interaction and interdependence of physical and mental health, gives Bernadette the necessary skillset to help identify your values and goals, and to offer support toward building a purposeful and fulfilling life based on what matters to you.


Bernadette acknowledges and respects that we are all different, and that each of us has our own unique experiences and perceptions of life and the issues we face.

With a particular interest in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), working ‘with’ rather than ‘for’ you, Bernadette coaches and encourages individuals to recognise and draw on their own rich and valuable unique life experiences, thereby ensuring that you become the ‘expert’ in your own interventions.

You can visit Bernadette’s website for further information at

Areas of Interest

  • Optimal physical and mental health using preventative approaches, thereby reducing the risk of developing acute and chronic illness and disease later in life.
  • lifestyle changes in order to better manage existing mental and physical health issues such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, obesity, diabetes, cancer, heart conditions etc.
  • Facilitate safety and stability toward recovery of a full and meaningful life for people suffering complex trauma as a result of child abuse, domestic violence, and other adverse life experiences
  • Grief support and guidance
  • Coping with change following loss, separation, and divorce.
  • Lifestyle, career choice, and career change for all ages in order to develop a fulfilling life that makes a difference, according to what matters to the client.
  • Tele health and video link-up with expertise in the delivery of evidence based clinical psychology services to rural, remote, and isolated clients
  • Supporting people to build lives that are fulfilling, have purpose, and are meaningful based on the values of the client.

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