Claire Welshe


Accredited Mental Health Occupational Therapist and ACT therapist.

Appointments: Home visits with flexible hours by appointment. Contact Claire directly here.

Expertise: Depression, anxiety, PTSD, work and life stress, injury rehabilitation, chronic illness/ pain, changes in life and occupational roles.

Claire is an occupational therapist with a passion for helping people make the most of their life.   Through over 20 years of experience in a variety of clinical settings, she has gained great insight into the impact of the mind on occupational function, whether it be work, activities of daily living, relationships, or leisure.  Her background in the medico-legal sector has provided her with experience and understanding of the psychological factors which influence successful occupational rehabilitation, return to work or active participation in other life roles following an injury and associated chronic impairment or pain.  Her training in ACT provides her with the skills to teach clients scientifically supported ways to move away from unhelpful habits or psychological processes and towards optimum occupational engagement.


Claire is committed to providing a therapeutic environment in which her clients feel comfortable, understood and supported.   Her training as an occupational therapist leverages off an approach which emphasises the practical engagement of proven psychological strategies on activities of daily living, in a way that is consistent with the client’s unique definition of what it means to live a value-driven and meaningful life.   She offers ACT to anyone who may be experiencing personal challenges in their life, including chronic illness/pain, change in life circumstances, episodes of anxiety/depression or just feeling stuck in their life.  In keeping with scientific studies that support the efficacy of ACT as well as her personal motivation to help others, Claire offers ACT to clients wanting to achieve peak performance in any area of their life that they want to work on, including career advancement, home life, relationships, and competitive sporting pursuits.


Claire holds a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy and is approved to provide focussed psychological strategies under the Medicare Better Access to Mental Health (BAMH) scheme.  She has specialist training in ACT and is a registered provider with Medicare, The Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA), Garrison (Department of Defence) and WorkCover Queensland and accepts referrals for worker’s compensation related services.  Claire offers a home visiting service to those who may have difficulty accessing the Brisbane ACT Centre due to physical and/or psychological impairment.  She continues to provide occupational therapy services through her private practice at

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