Suzanne Staal

ACT Therapist

Mental Health Social Worker

Masters Mental Health, Bach Soc Work, Bach Fine Art. 

Availability: Thursday 8 AM – 5 PM

Specialties: Difficulties with Transitions and Adjustment, Family of Origin Issues, Anxiety, Child and Adolescent Social, Emotional and Behavioral Concerns, Parental Coaching, Stress, Low Self Esteem/Low Confidence, Mindfulness, Health and Wellbeing, Bullying, Loss and Grief. 

About Suzanne:
Suzanne is passionate about human psychology and in particular, the extraordinary potential of the human psyche to heal and flourish.  She is a highly experienced psychotherapist, continuing her education to keep on the cutting edge of psychology practice.

For over 25 years she has worked with adults, young people and children using a wide range of evidence based therapeutic frameworks including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Strength based Brief Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-based approaches, Interpersonal Therapy, and Parent-Child Therapy utilising Art. Over time, she has become increasingly interested in the benefits of mindfulness for its ability to increase our capacity for wisdom, self compassion and its potential to help us respond more adaptively to the challenging situations that arise in our lives.

As a client, you will come to this work with your capacity, skills, knowledge, connections and potential to find solutions to your own challenges.  Suzanne works collaboratively with you to build a supportive professional relationship where new skills and resources can be introduced so that you are able to achieve the goals you set for yourself.

It was Gandhi who said “The future depends on what we do in the present moment.”

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