Welcoming Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Specialist Dr. David Ward

The Brisbane ACT Centre is proud to welcome Dr. David Ward to our team of expert therapists. David is a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry with incredible experience in the field.

David trained in the United Kingdom and was the clinical lead for specialist child and adolescence services for the large metropolitan city Newcastle Upon Tyne. He was involved nationally in establishment of early psychosis services and was co-author of “National Treatment Guidelines for the Treatment of Psychosis in Children and Adolescence”. We’re very excited to welcome him to our team!

To get to know David a little better we interviewed him about his approach as a psychiatrist/

What can clients expect from you on their first appointment?

The first appointment is always challenging, discussing sensitive issues with a stranger. A minimum expectation would be to feel your concerns were listened to in an open fashion. What can be particularly challenging/confusing is questions about the family and everyday life which are important to the professional to understand the experiences contextually but may give rise to concerns about blame/attribution that are not intentional [or indeed existent!]

What is something unique about your approach or your experience when working with clients?

I would like to think my approach is not unique but in line with best practice. What I do endeavour to do however is to treat your concerns as an individual and family as unique as you are as individuals.

How do you like to spend your time when you aren’t working? What are you passionate about?

As I advocate in my practice, exercise, fresh air, sleep, food and time spent with family are my main extracurricular activities. I am passionate about animals and the country and live rurally but also watch TV, particularly rugby.

Why did you make the choice to pursue psychiatry as a specialisation within the medical field?

I chose psychiatry because it has the potential to be the most holistically orientated of the medical specialities, considers the whole person in terms of mental and physical health within their social context.

Why child and adolescent psychiatry in particular?

Child and adolescent psychiatry goes even further in the latter context and has the potential to support young people to change their  life trajectories to fulfil their hopes and expectations.

What do you find the most rewarding part of your job?

As a psychiatrists I feel privileged to be invited into people’s lives and if that can have a positive impact then I am doubly rewarded.

What do you think are the most important traits for an effective psychiatrist?

The most important traits  for a psychiatrist are to enter each encounter without preconceived ideas and to enable people to be heard and enabled/involved in managing issues impacting adversely on their lives.

What surprising lessons have you learned through your work?

What I no longer find surprising is how unique every person and their care system is and how I can continue to learn from every encounter and hopefully impart this learning to their benefit.

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