ACT & Christianity

Are you a devout Christian who really wants to include their beliefs in therapy, but all your best efforts at having your clinical psychologist understand what these are end in frustration for both of you?

Have you ever felt it in your best interests, to move on to someone who may be better placed to understand your Christian beliefs?

Brisbane ACT Centre practitioners have learnt how to ACT with Faith – our highly qualified and skilled ACT therapists and practitioners have spent time with expert resources enabling our clinical psychological flexibility skills coaching to mesh seamlessly with your deeply held Christian beliefs.

Our clinical psychologists will carefully assess how you to best benefit you:

  • We have taken time to understand the overall Christian worldview.
  • We understand that with the diversity of denominations and groups who carry the name ‘Christian’ it is difficult to be absolutely definitive and no attempt is made to have first-hand knowledge of all faith practices.

Brisbane ACT Centre practitioners can integrate the six ACT psychological flexibility processes with Christian teachings.

  • We are sensitive to the fact that many Christians are subject to teaching about the dangers of Psychology.
  • Within each ACT process there are potential pitfalls and/or advantages when working with your Christian faith. We approach them all sensitively.
  • For example the common ACT question ‘does that work for you?’. We consider this in relation to your overall faith, and sense of what is “working”.
  • How ACT therapists have learned from an expert who has been ideally placed in both the ACT and Christian communities for many years, which has enabled an understanding of how to best help you.
  • Developing a flexible, non-judgemental sense of self has proved itself extremely important when working with your Christian faith. We take a very focussed and flexible approach to cultivating this non-judgemental sense of self.

Encouraging a pragmatic approach to behaviour change which is congruent with your Christian worldview will enable you to feel that that ACT is truly a ‘safe’ option within the context of your Christian faith, even if the therapist is not a Christian.

Want to learn more?

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