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The YOLO Project

In our last post we congratulated Professor Kenneth Pakenham on his recent national award for outstanding contribution to student learning. Dr Pakenham received this award for creating and implementing a program that teaches Acceptance and Commitment Therapy based...

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Congratulations Professor Pakenham

We’re pleased to congratulate friend of the Brisbane ACT Centre, Professor Kenneth Pakenham on receiving one of the 2016 Australian Awards for University Teaching! These national awards recognise outstanding contributions to student learning. Professor Pakenham...

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How to Lose Weight with ACT

You may be one in two Australians at any one time trying to lose weight.  Whether it’s due to a recent health scare, a hard word from your doctor, or realising you can’t do something that really matters to you.  Yet despite shows like “The Biggest Loser”, the evidence...

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Can You Improve Your IQ?

We are often interested in assessing how good or bad we are at different things.  Intelligence is one of those that runs deep with people. Doing a basic internet search brings up a list of sites offering free testing.  Saying someone is 'smart' immediately jolts...

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4 Common Myths About Anxiety and Fear

At Brisbane ACT Centre our expert psychologists, psychiatrists and other therapists use the latest effective mindfulness, values and action oriented strategies to help you better handle anxiety, so as to feel better, and live better, quickly. Many common beliefs about...

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Is “Mindful Colouring” Truly Mindfulness?

Seems like the “mindfulness colouring book” craze is getting stronger with every passing month. But is it really practicing mindfulness, to colour in pictures in a book? Well the answer is … it depends. Almost any activity you can think of can be done mindfully … or...

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The Purple Vault

A clear blue sky beamed through my window the day I learned that I would never again see purple rain, at least not in the flesh. The flesh of megastars such as Prince, it seemed, was just as susceptible to mortal vulnerabilities as the rest of us. We are all human. We will all suffer the same fate, eventually. My clear blue sky day suddenly seemed a little cloudy.

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