Our Team of Brisbane Psychologists Can Help with a Wide Range of Difficulties, from anxiety to depression and much more.

Achieve The Life You Want

Learn Simple ACT Mindfulness Skills with us at the Brisbane ACT Centre

Are you struggling to be happy? Suffering from anxiety or depression? Having trouble sleeping, or even simply stressed out?

We can help. ACT is a brief, effective approach. Make positive life changes from the very first session.

Experience rapid relief in just a few sessions with simple, stress busting ACT mindfulness skills. ACT is more scientifically supported than any other current form of CBT – cognitive behavior therapy.


Are your kids struggling at school?

Suffering problems with attention and conduct, anxiety, depression, autistic spectrum difficulties or other problems?

We offer experienced, specialist adolescent psychologist assessment and proven treatments.


Are you finding your medications ineffective? Or causing unwanted side effects?

Our psychiatrists are leading experts in drug therapies as well as ACT, with a wealth of experience helping people just like you to feel better and live better.

Brisbane Act Centre’s Team Of 16 Therapists Includes:

Highly experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, occupational / speech therapists and behaviour analysts. Extensively trained and with a personal and professional passion for ACT – the most modern, well-researched, mindfulness and compassion focussed of the cognitive behavioural therapies. ACT is best described as a “modern, contextual CBT”.

Accept, Choose And Take Effective ACTion.

ACT therapists mindfully teach effective living skills: to accept what is out of our personal control, and commit to actions that improve our life. Less struggle with suffering, more valued living. More than 70 randomised controlled trials show ACT can help improve your life.


We can help with a lot of common problems, including:

Anxiety / panic Attention problems
Depression / Bipolar Career transitions
PTSD / Acute stress Sexual issues
Substance dependence Relationship issues
Eating disorders Life coaching
Chronic pain / illness Sleep problems
Psychotic disorders Autism spectrum
Medication side effects Child anxiety etc
Work stress or injury Self-esteem

Please find our Psychiatrist/Psychologist/Allied Health Referral Template here.


Fees for Medicare Rebated Sessions at a Glance:

GP referral needed for psychiatrist appointments, and GP Better Access Mental Health Care Plan are required for psychologist appointments. Medicare rebates available AND there is also a “gap fee” payable for each session.

Brisbane ACT Centre’s psychologists and other counselling therapists each charge about $80 “gap” fee (after Medicare rebating) for hourly sessions. All offer concessions at their discretion to those struggling to afford full fee of about half the full “gap”, and all our therapists will very occasionally offer “bulk bill” or no gap fee sessions.

Our psychiatrists charge about $170 “gap” fee for first, assessment session, then about $100 gap for hourly sessions thereafter. Our psychiatrists also offer concessions at their discretion to those struggling to afford full fee of about half the full “gap”, and will very occasionally offer “bulk bill” or no gap fee sessions.

Full fees (including Medicare component) are payable at the time of appointment by EFTPOS, Credit Card or cash, AND instant online Medicare rebating of all the fee except the “gap” is available at the Centre. Please call our receptionists on 3193 1072 with any queries.

As ACT therapy has developed and progressed over the past 25 years, we have kept a clear focus on effective, efficient therapy, and so you may find fewer sessions are required than you expect! What’s more, often with effective skills built through our work, you may be able to wean from costly medications, saving you even more money over time.


Private Health Fund Sessions:

Many private health insurers allow for some refund for psychotherapy services; however no two are the same. Check with your health insurer to see what your policy allows. Unfortunately you cannot use your private health insurance in conjunction with claiming a Medicare rebate. Brisbane ACT Centre’s therapists are registered for private health funded services, with varied “gap” fees similar to those detailed above.


Workcover and other Rehabilition/Compensation Agencies:

Brisbane ACT Centre’s therapists are very happy to work with these agencies,  and indeed our approach of maximising healthy human functioning fits very well with all worker’s compensation and rehabilitation approaches.


Veterans Affairs, and Serving Military:

Many of our therapists are registered to work with DVA and serving military, and enjoy this particular work. Acceptance and Commitment Therapy is in essence a Trauma Focussed Contextual Behaviour Therapy, so is increasingly central to emergency services and other frontline acute stress and trauma work. The US department of Veterans Affairs has been running an ACT rollout / comparative trial for many years now, and we hope to see published results of this important work before too long.