FACE COVID – How To Respond Effectively To The Corona Crisis

An acceptance and commitment therapy response to the Covid 19 process, with enormous thanks to Russ Harris

Central Brisbane Psychologists

Our Brisbane psychologists are experts in ACT – a modern, evidence based approach that focuses on helping you to achieve your goals quickly.

Mindfulness in Therapy - A Simple ACT Explainer

Beautiful ACT Primer by Joanna Joustra  of Yarra Valley Counselling in Healesville, Yarra Valley.

Who are we?

We’re a psychology practice passionate about helping our clients to achieve their goals. We are experts in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and related approaches because overwhelming scientific evidence over the last 40 years show they provide the best possible tools to do just that.


What is ACT?

ACT stands for Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, or Training, the most modern, science-based psychotherapy. ACT uses simple, effective and proven skills to feel better and LIVE better. All of our Brisbane Psychologists are ACT experts.

How can ACT help?

ACT is about learning proven skills to help us be the kind of people that we want to be. In the same way that you can learn to cook, ride a bike or fly a spaceship you can learn to live a more meaningful life. ACT skills allow you to live life more in touch with what’s important to you. Be present. Open up. Do what matters.

Why Choose an ACT Trained Psychologist?

Brisbane Psychologists trained in ACT want to help you achieve your goals.  Whether that’s improving relationships with loved ones, managing anxiety, or thousands more. Your goal could be achieving peak performance – ACT coaches help top AFL, NRL and netball teams, and Olympic gold medallists!

ACT is supported by more than 3000+ scientific studies!

Nearly 1000 published randomised controlled trials!

Our team of passionate psychologists & psychiatrists

We have an experienced team of expert Brisbane psychologists and we’d like to introduce you to the team. Each of our psychologists are hand picked for their warmth, expertise and training. We know when choosing a therapist it’s important to pick someone that’s just the right fit for you, take a look at our team’s different expertise to pick your perfect psychologist.

Our team have a diverse range of strengths and diverse clients to match them. We work out of our beautiful, central practice with individuals, couples, groups, executives and entrepreneurs. We have performance psychologists helping people to be their best, a psychiatrist providing expert pharmacology care, clinical and counseling psychologists that can help with depression, anxiety, stress, grief and so much more. We’re always adding new and talented members to our team so get in touch and our friendly staff can match you up to the perfect person for you.

A GP referral is required for for psychiatrist appointments, and GP Better Access Mental Health Care Plans are required for psychologist appointments. Medicare rebates are available and there is also a “gap fee” payable for each session – see here for more details. Current waiting time about one month for psychologist, 2 – 3 months for psychiatry appointments.

Get in Touch

Have any questions? Our friendly staff are ready to answer. Give us a call on 07 3193 1072 or send us an email below.


Book Your Appointment Online

Many of our psychologists accept online bookings, so you can book your appointment right now at a time that best suits you.

Interested in learning more?

Check out our free resources to learn more about areas most important to you, or check out our blog – often written by our very own practitioners. 

The Brisbane ACT Centre is conveniently located at 7 Marie Street, Milton.

Just 5 minutes from Brisbane city!

Free Psychology Resources 

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