ACT for GP's

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is a modern form of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT), with 100 randomised controlled trials showing efficacy across the spectrum of psychiatric disorders, and also better managing chronic pain, weight, diabetes and other chronic medical illnesses.

ACT is a transdiagnostic approach using simple skills to be more present in the moment, less entangled with difficult thoughts and feelings, and more aware of and living by our personal values in each moment - skills which are helpful for medical practitioners and patients alike.

ACT teaches specific, structured evidence-based skills which quickly enable patients to better manage difficult thoughts and feelings, so they are less an obstacle to values-guided life actions. Patient’s valued life actions are identified, reinforced and systematically increased through treatment.
Dr Rob Purssey is a psychiatrist, ACT therapist, and psychopharmacology expert. He has delivered invited ACT trainings to Queensland Health, Winter School Conference, Queensland Gambling Forum, the Queensland Centre for Perinatal and Infant Mental Health, and general practitioner audiences.

Brisbane ACT Centre is Queensland’s first centre of excellence for ACT located centrally in Milton, with ample free parking.
ACT training is great value for your training time and money as the same basic skill set is applicable across all clinical issues you see, and are also directly relevant for your personal and professional life. ACT is a solidly evidence-based CBT treatment in which focused psychological strategies (FPS) are applied directly in the clinical situation to effect rapid and sustained behavioural changes

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