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The Sleep School – book and app.
UK sleep physiologist Dr Guy Meadows teaches ACT skills to help sleep. Grab "The Sleep School" app, for only $5 or $6 it’s amazing value. Check out the videos below which commence each section to get an engaging animated 1-2 min overview of key ACT processes.

Guy does excellent, simple, brief mindfulness recordings – it’s great value and with the Sleep Book, THE best tool for sleep problems. The Sleep Book is an essential aid for those with long term sleep problems, and I highly recommend using the Sleep School App to empower its 5 week program.

Interview in The Guardian newspaper with Guy Meadows:

The animations that go with The Sleep School app and The Sleep Book are available to view on You Tube.
In brief, the five animations are based on real-life past clients that The Sleep School has helped to overcome insomnia using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. They highlight the most prevalent issues that affect insomniacs and discuss how the various aspects of ACT can be used to overcome them.
A brief description of each animation and the various links are below:
1. Discover Case Study - Linda's case study will help you will discover how your attempts to control your sleeplessness actually keeps you awake. You’ll learn how to let go of any unhelpful props that you may be using to try to get to sleep.

2. Accept Case Study; Carlos’ case-study will help you understand the importance of accepting all that shows up in your mind and body and to remain in the present moment with our guided mindfulness tracks.

3. Welcome Case Study; Mary will show you how to welcome, rather than fight, all of your unwanted thoughts, emotions and sensations by using our guided tools.

4. Build Case Study; you will learn, like our past client John, how to build a new and robust sleeping pattern and also how to start behaving like a normal sleeper.

5. Live Case Study; you will learn how to live your life it to the full again by using the ‘Live Now’ Tool. Patricia will show you how this is possible without insomnia continuing to be the focus of your life any longer.

For more information about the App please see the following links . . .




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The Struggle with Sleeplessness

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